Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Barrows & Wights

Everyone most annoying Blogger (that me) has started to produce his very own Retroclone.  

One reason why I been silent of late...

The goal of Barrow & Wights is to produce a variation of the classic RPG rule set that is as simple as possible for pickup play and online play. Boiling it down to the basics and allowing others to houserule to whatever flavor they wish. 

Like my "Village of Bex" this will be a totally free publication that I do not expect or plan to gain any money benefit, just hopefully someone will find it useful.  This is also a example of what one can do with artwork that is in the public domain.  So far two of the main publications are complete.  

1.  Dungeoneers Guide - Intended for players, covers levels 1-14,  This has plenty of art and goes over character creation and the seven basic classes (Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, Thief, Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling.) Combat, and how magic works.

2.   Adventuring Guide - Intended for players, this is a 13 page low art document that covers characters from levels 1-5.  This is all a experienced player would need to reference while in play.  It is also a much smaller document then the Dungeoneers guide.

The next two are to be completed.

3.  Referee Guide - Intended for referees, this will be the referee guide for Barrows & Wights, and will include everything from treasure tables to guidance on how to make a custom class for the system.   Will also have some maps and other items that will be useful to all referees.

4.  Barrows Guide This will have all the optional rules, Optional classes (Ranger, Wood Elf, Barbarian as examples), treasures great and small, custom monsters, and other rules that might be considered for the house-rules of the game.  

Thanks for your time reading this, if you have any question, corrections, proofreading and so on please let me know, as I plan to update this onwards.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Still working on it.  I might be working on doing a OD&D style white box game, and the 11 kingdoms might be the home for the OD&D setting.  

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blackgate Megadungeon

This is the preliminary dungeon design for the Blackgate megadungeon.   I plan to make a few more splits off the main level, but want to fucs on making the upper levels first.  


I know no one reads this, as I see the depressing numbers. however some updates

I will be keeping tenpenny bay, but might make the mega-city as another name.

Also, I am planning to place a few large dungeon complexes on this map.

Barrowmaze is located in the western Isles

The Sewers under Blackgate lead to a major megadungeon complex.

I still plan to add Dyson delve

and Rappan Athuk somewhere on this map as well.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Grand Dutchy of the Western Isles quick rundowns.

The Grand Dutchy of the Western Isles
Language: Coranan (Isles dialect)
Culture:  Valen
Capital:  Isakrag (population 5,000)
Brief Overview:  Isolated from the rest of the the world, the Grand Dutchy of the Western Isles fended off Vikish raids and helped unify themselves under the leadership of Heron the III.    While the other kings have not accepted the Heron dynasty as a true kings (due to Heron the III being the son of a butcher), their power cannot be questioned.  The Dukes focus on Naval power, while each town has its own militia to fend off raiders.   Currently the ruler is Kragan (the first of his name), the 5th of the Heron dynasty to rule the Western isles.  
Coat of arms/Flag: A blue Heron on a red background.   
Economy:  The economy of the western isles is dominated by the cold, but rich currents that hit the Isles, fishing the rich waters of the Isles has always been a major source of food and trade goods.  In addition, farming the rocky soil and hunting the Western Tusk Seals have been secondary sources of food and income.  Serfdom does not exist in the Western Isles, and the legal system is based on the concept of exile, with violators of exile orders facing beheading.
Governing: The Dukes appoint traveling judges and appoint village mayors, who both serve for life (unless they decide to retire in there dotage).   On death of a Duke, there is a Moot where the Mayors elect the new duke from any of the decedents of Heron the III.  Currently there are 32 such men and woman who could be elected.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Imperial Church

Many regions of the Eleven Kingdoms has what is referred to as a "Imperial Church" that follows the gods of the old Empire of Man.   Many times this is the old, established church with lands and structure.   The Church has twelve (12) gods that are viewed as worthy of worship.  Four (4) Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic gods.   


Adpeh – The God of Knowledge and Law 
Miphic – God of Magic and mystical secrets
Evangeline - Goddess of healing
Yulia – Goddess of Peace

Kralic – God of peaceful death
Vassa – Goddess of Divination, Justice, and Truth
The Unknown one – god of the unknown
Steenhoth – Goddess of the Hearth

Xi the Unpredictable
Cameral – God of madness
Alexis – Goddess of Taboo
Janos – God of Battle

In addition.   There is a number of gods who are not part of the Church that are very popular across the kingdoms, and are not part of the new faiths.

Minor Gods/Goddesses

Kithal, the Dwarf-father – God of the Dwarves
Concorda – Goddess of Truces
Jasper – God of Charity
Cansor the Robed – god of darkness
Illumin - Goddess of light
Haros – God of Fire
Harkas – Goddess of the hunt
Hefron Stormbringer – Goddess of Storms

There is also finally some age old gods that are viewed as demons or evil beyond measure.  These are called Haraindiko Lords.  

Haraindiko Lords

Akella (Magic)
Lekkli the Shapeless (Slimes)
Mortica the Pale (Undead)
Orkfather (Patron of Orcs)
Slaymon (Worm of Wisdom)
Zug (Might)
Linsat (Treachery)
Marcos (Corruption) 
Jessafas (Flaming Truth) 

Money in the Eleven Kingdoms

Much of the money used in the Eleven Kingdoms is based on the old coinage of the the Empire of Man.    The basic coins are

Copper Farthing = CP
Silver Dragon = SP (worth 10 CP)
Gold Drake = GP (worth 10 SP)
Platinum Imperial = PP (worth 10 GP)

Due to traders accepting these coins, many kingdoms still mint these coins, sometimes direct copies of of older Imperial coins, and other times copies with the current ruler on it.   However many kingdoms produce their own unique coins that supplement these coins.

The Silver Pennies or Viklaw Penny (VP) - a small coin that are commonly coined in the Viklaw, as it a continuation of the Vikish currency.   Each VP is worth five CP.

Groat - (GR) a large copper coin with trace amounts of silver, these are coined in Highrock as the local mines produce ore of that quality.   They are worth 4 CP and are very common in some areas.

Brass Piece (BP) - a brass coin coined heavily by Blackgate, each is worth 1/2 a CP.

Eight-Piece - (8P) - a very large (2 coin weight) coin of very pure silver.  Can be cut into eight pieces by any blacksmith.   each piece is worth on SP, so a uncut 8P is worth 8 SP.  Minted by private mints after the silver horde of the Dragon Arguoton the Red was taken.    Still used by merchants as it is much lighter then SP.

Electrum Crown (EP) - A mix of gold and silver, worth 5 SP.

Dwarven Koynis (DK) - The main currency of Dwarves, it is a mix of copper, silver, and gold worth 11 SP.

Kish (KP) - Commonly used by overseas traders, these are a 1/2 weight copper coin with a hole in the middle to allow them to be strung up in strings of coins.  They are worth 1/2 of a copper piece, but are disliked by merchants due to the need to remint them for general use.

Table of currencies by value.   Bold are the standard imperial style coins.

Name (Abbreviation) - Weight - Value
Kish (KP) - 1/2 - 1/2 CP
Brass Piece (BP) - 1- 1/2 CP
Copper Farthing (CP) - 1 - 1 CP
Groat (GR) - 2 - 4 CP
Silver (Viklaw) Penny (VP) - 1/2 - 5 CP
Silver Dragon (SP)- 1 - 10 CP
Electrum Crown (EP) - 1 - 50 CP
Eight-Piece (8P) - 2 - 80 CP
Gold Drake (GP) - 1 - 100 CP
Dwarven Koynis (DK) - 1 - 110 CP
Platnum Imperial (PP) - 1 - 1000 CP

Imperial coins are accepted everywhere.   Other coins may or may not be accepted without exchanging.   to exchange coins to Imperial coins will cost a 10% fee by the banker.   by roleplaying they players may find a merchant who is in need of a odd coin who will buy at par.